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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wonderful review!

I am not one who enjoys doing self promotion. Actually it is one of the hardest thing for me to do in having a business. If I only could just take pictures:)
So here goes my bragging, the other morning I woke up to this wonderful review that Caitlin, who got married at Pollak Vineyards back In May wrote on, without my asking. Our jobs as photographers is so rewarding!

"Dominique is truly amazing. She is as talented as she is patient - as stealthy as she is creative! Our May 2011 wedding was a very good day - but Dominique made it great. Her photos are stunning - they captured the event in an easy, spontaneous, seemingly effortless way. Dominique also has tremendous stamina, and outlasted all of the guests! I could not possibly recommend her and her work highly enough."

Thank you Caitlin!

newlyweds kissing


Cait said...

(The only reason I stopped writing is because I ran out of positive adjectives and couldn't find a thesaurus.)

Charlottesville Photographer said...

You are too sweet!