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Friday, May 27, 2011

Yummy burritos

We love burritos! It gets the boys eating their veggies. Ingredients: spinach,endemame,rice,corn, black beans, veggie chicken ( or the real stuff), cilantro and fresh avocados.


Bon appetit!

Children's portraits on the UVA grounds

Precious little children!







Thursday, May 26, 2011

Martha Jefferson Golf Tournament at the Glenmore Country Club

Here are some photos from  the Martha Jefferson Golf Tournament at Glenmore Country Club. Gorgeous day and successful fund raiser!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pollak vineyards wedding

Going to back to blogging after few weeks of absence due to computer crash.  I always double back up my images but never did my user files- lesson learned! It has been like staring over and during May, busy month for photographer, it has been be challenging but life goes on and beautiful photos have been taken at the meantime:)  Except lots of posts coming this week on weddings, events, children portraits, family photos, cake making...

I want to start with Caitlin and Jared's wedding that took place at Pollak Vineyard on May 14th.  The rain did not stop us from taking fun filled pictures. Iris, part of the Barb Wired event team orchestrated this lovely event with style and grace. Floral images designed gorgeous flower arrangements, the Batesville Store catered the event and Abbey Road, a Beatles cover band made sure everyone was up and dancing.
 It was  such a delight to be Caitlin and Jared's photographer.  They were so easy going and happy the entire day, never worried about a thing ...pure love and happiness!-624

-188bride in the rain-239 sepia
bride with umbrella
-246 sepia
-199 sepia
-353 sepia
-385 sepia
-614 sepia
-792 SEPIA
Thank you FTD tent for the perfect lighting.I think that night I shot 95% without flash!
-936 copy
The power of "shout"