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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love my French platters

 ... and what was inside was not too bad either.
My mom would call that a "gratin de pates"but I think in the States, it would be called a fancy Mac'n Cheese with mushrooms and spinach.
I am terrible with recipes as I never follow them and rarely (apart from baking) I use measuring instruments.
So here are the ingredients:
Pasta (1/2 lb), bechamel sauce (melt butter, salt+pepper, add flour and thin it with milk to make a creamy sauce), sauteed mushrooms ( 3boxes- I use chanterelles and portobello and whte caps), sauteed baby spinach. Put everything together. Cover with shredded Gruyere and some bread crumbs.
Very satisfying on a cold winter night.


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