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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Michelle and Ryan are the runner ups from the Charlotesville Free Wedding Project

Jack Looney put together this spectacular event, The Charlottesville Free Wedding Project. He brought together many vendors who donated their time and services for the winner of the contest on November 5th. Mountfair Vineyards, Harvest Moon,FDS Tents, Blue Ridge Light Forms, Festive Fare, Star Hill Brewery and Pat's Floral Design decided to extend their generosity to the Runner up couple, Michelle and Ryan, who got married the next day at Mountfair Vineyards on November 6th. I was honored to document their special day. Michelle and Ryan were most thankful and appreciative to everyone about their glorious day! Their happiness was contagious and their love palpable.


Pats flowers were left form the day before and they looked gorgeous.
They had a candy table I thought was a cute idea....keeping the children busy:)

-155 sepia

Michelle's bouquet, along with the bridesmaids were designed by a family member.
Gorgeous sky that day.

-273 sepia
-348 sepia
-503 copy
I love this shot. It was taken after the ceremony. The temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and those girls were freezing!
-514 sepia
-567 sepia
-541 sepia

I thought the lighting was just magical.
-710 sepia
-712 sepia

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