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Friday, September 3, 2010

Libbie and Will's Wedding- Part 2: Wedding at Keswick Hunt Club

Libbie and Will's wedding was full of so much love. You'll see for yourself. Libbie and the girls got ready at Keswick Hall and the boys joined later for fun photos. They got married at the The Christ Church in Charlottesville then had their reception at Keswick Hunt Club. The club was decorated and catered by Harvest Moon, the cake was done by Rachel from Cakes by Rachel, The Walrus were so much fun playing songs from Prince, Stevie Wonder,the Greatful Dead .... Augusta from Easton Events was there to make sure their special day ran smoothly.


-7 sepia

-44 sepia
I love that Libbie tatooed her dad's initial:)

-48 sepia

-85 sepia




-222 sepia


-248 sepia


-374 sepia

-425 sepia




-509 sepia



-675 sepia








-1136-1036 sepia

-1075 sepia-1111

Happy honeymoon you guys, I know you're in Europe!

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