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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Libbie and Will's Wedding- PArt 1: Rehearsal at Keswick Hall

The celebration started on Friday night with a very emotional rehearsal dinner at Keswick Hall. I said emotional because many tears were shed... even from me. It might sound cliche and I don't know if it is because my boys are growing up, but when photographing a wedding, I relate so much with the mother of the groom as I understand her emotions, pride and the importance of her friends being by her side ho have all witnessed her son grow up threw the years. I can see myself when Julien, my oldest will get married with my friends by my side ...remembering and celebrating.

Photos are so important to remember those times. They allow for those moments to be relived time and time again, which is why I love what I do... helping people remember, by capturing the magic moments. So today go out take pictures of your family!

Some pretty details from Keswick


Love Libbie's necklace!


-304 sepia

-301 sepia

Love that Nashville tradition, all the gentlemen had to stand up to honor the ladies!


Libbie's grand father delivered a very tender toast... I love the end "...may you have to enjoy it"

Referring to what I was talking about earlier- Will's mom and her friend looking at the slide show of photos she put together...the lasting power of photos.

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