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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy beginning of summer!

I hope every one is having good beginning of summer I know I am really happy about mine.  I am enjoying the heat and our summer schedule,  swim team, taking the boys to the Lakes,  picnics, fruit picking and lazy mornings with breakfast outside.   Life is about little pleasures, right?
I only accepted a couple of weddings on each summer months and a couple of sessions a week and I am loving it!...learning to say "no" has paid off:)
avocado salad
One of my favorite salad: mixed greens, avocados, cucumbers, olive oil, pepper and good coarse seasalt.

Need I say a comment?

King family vineyards crozet
Rose is my favorite summer wine and King Family and Veritas do really good ones!


Angie Brement said...

Love the Crose shot!! Yum!

Charlottesville Photographer said...

Thanks Angie. Indeed it is yummy;)