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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 photography

 I hope every one had a healthy and fun holiday break and a good beginning of the year. After so many computer problems I had to change computer and I (well my husband!) opted for a Mac after too many trips to the "computer guy" the past 2 months. I have this divine 24 inch screen, on which my images look amazing!!!!

I have been busy redoing my website with the beautiful people I have photographed in 2008. I have also changed my prices a bit. No increase in the print area and I added some options to purchase digital files for portrait session. From analysing the past year, I realized I LOVED photographing people, meeting new faces , becoming friends with my clients, but I truly DO NOT LIKE working on photoshop and creating cards and so forth which is why I thought I should offer digital files (edited of course), since I am offering them already to wedding clients.

With the New year, I am feeling very creative so I want to offer as what you call "boudoir" session for YOU ladies.... Think Wedding present, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine's Day or just because you are feeling good! I thought it would be fun.

I have also being working on putting a project together that I have called "celebrating life". A few months ago I was privileged to photograph a friend of mine who had cancer, and who unfortunately passed. I saw how she appreciated to see herself looking "healthy and happy" as she wanted to be remembered so I decided to extend it to people I did not know. I will keep everyone updated when I have my brochure together. At the meantime please feel free to contact me if you know someone who might be interested. No charges apply.

On a more cheery note, here is why I LOVE Trader's Joe ( there is one in Short Pump). Those chocolate croissants are even better than the ones in France because they are coming out of a warm oven. So  I have decided to make the monthly trip to Richmond to fill up my freezer.  I have been missing Trader's Joe for the past 13 years when I was living in LA.

Here is an Ice sculpture from my boys experimenting with freezing temperature and glasses.

I don't think I have ever been so talkative on my blog.  On this note,  expect to see some photos next week and a tiny 2 week old baby boy and also a musician in a few weeks.
Stay warm!!!

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